Your Money Life


In Your Money Life: The “Make-It-Work” Workbook, Ruth Hayden makes the sometimes murky money world accessible. She cuts out all the confusing terms and complicated strategies — and cuts to the chase. In this lively little book that is part pencil-pushing and part fiscal therapy, she gives you all you need to know to get going on your way to wealth.

With the help of oodles of exercises on nearly every page of the book, you'll learn to:

Understand your Top 10 money beliefs and how they affect your money behavior.
Defuse shame, debunk blame, and realize how emotions control rational thinking.
Use two checkbooks and some creativity to make your budget work.
Know when debt is a four-letter word, and when it is not.
Talk the talk of investing (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) so you can walk the walk.
Save like your financial life depends on it — because it does.
And when you get frustrated — you will — and sink into a no-can-do funk, Ruth Hayden, in a firm-but-friendly way that has endeared her to thousands of readers, listeners, students, and clients, is there to say, “Nonsense — you can do this! It's only money!”

Your Money Life is a treasure of a book that will make your money life work — finally. (This book is available only through this Web site.)

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: What's the Matter With Me?
  • Section 2: What Did I Learn About Money?
  • Understanding My Money Training
  • Identifying My Money Beliefs
  • The Effects of These Beliefs on My Money Behavior
  • Section 3: Unlearning My Learning
  • Re-training My Brain
  • Making a Budget Work
  • Section 4: What Do I Need to Learn …
  • About the Use of Debt?
  • About Investing?
  • Section 5: It's My Life! I Will Decide!
  • Internalizing Money Decisions