For Richer Not Poorer


You have a fabulous future together, a future full of fun, maybe family-and certainly finances. Ah, the money. It is a sad reality that decisions about money often lead to frustrations, resentments, and the kinds of classic conflicts that end with: "She spends too much! He makes too little!" You, as a couple, feel stuck.
For Richer, Not Poorer: The Money Book for Couples will get you unstuck. Using the same process of identifying and resolving money issues that she teaches couples in her office and her classes, Ruth Hayden goes right at your money beliefs, money behaviors, and money challenges-as a person and as a couple. She helps you:

Name the four cornerstones of a healthy money partnership.
Recognize methods of communicating (no shame, no blame) that help create a long-term financial partnership.
Identify your mutual values and goals, which form the foundation of your life and money planning.
Understand the two absolute rules of budgeting. Ruth also helps you create a workable budget that you both are committed to - emotionally and intellectually.
You and your partner may have it all working for you-except the money part. For Richer, Not Poorer will help you take care of your money issues so you can enjoy the best part of your relationship-each other.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1  Our Money Life Is Not Working!
  • Chapter 2  Whose Fault Is It?
  • Chapter 3  Let's Begin At The Beginning.
  • Chapter 4  First, I Need To Understand Me.
  • Chapter 5  Now, I Need To Understand You.
  • Chapter 6  So, That's Why We Do That!
  • Chapter 7  We're On The Same Side.
  • Chapter 8  This Isn't How I'd Spend My Money If I Were Single.
  • Chapter 9  Creating A Road Map For Your Life.
  • Chapter 10 Drawing A Portrait Of Your Money Life.
  • Chapter 11 If You Get Yours, Will I Get Mine?
  • Chapter 12 What's This All About, Anyway?
  • Chapter 13 Yours, Mine or Ours?
  • Chapter 14 Let's Do It!