Ruth, we thank you for the gift of y our Couples and Money Class, your expertise and experience, and for educating us to more richly embrace our futures. Your class was different than we expected and much more valuable. Slowly we are incorporating your plan into our lives (with compromise we might add—Ha!) and are grateful for the opportunity to do so.
Heartfelt thanks to you for giving of yourself so authentically in the Women and Money class. Your class exceeded my expectations and I’m smarter and living differently as a result. You instill peace and confidence.
I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again for the wonderful and marvelous couples class. It was of immense value to my husband and me. It has provided a solid base for partnership and discussion - and you are much appreciated.
With knowledge and encouragement I grow from shades of gray to vibrant colors. Thanks for educating me.
Thanks for the couples class from my husband and me. It has been a tremendous eye-opener. We are feeling so much better about money-which was a big goal of ours. So again, thank you! And here’s to a fiscally responsible year.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! We cannot tell you what a great feeling it is to be reducing our debt. Each month brings us one step closer. Again, many thanks for the class.
Thank you so much for sharing your life, wisdom, and money knowledge with all of us. Now I can have control of my finances and rid myself of anxiety.
We just finished your couples class. And I wanted to write and say thanks for the class. It was great but difficult for us at times. But it was very needed. You should know that you are the most skillful facilitator I’ve run into.
This is a simple and heartfelt thank you! My husband and I took your couples class and we’ve make so much progress!
The course you taught was simply tremendous—so practical, so essential. I have recommended it to other women whom I know would benefit from your class just as I have. That our childhood experiences affect our existing adult attitudes toward money, and the management of it, is simple yet utterly profound. Why, it makes all the sense in the world, if one takes the time to reflect upon it! And having come to terms with the consequences of our upbringing, the other exercises that you taught us are not quite so overwhelming.
You are a gift to women. Your presence and the information and exercises you provide create not only change but real transformation. My whole sense of being a woman capable of getting the information and the will to care for myself and my 90-year-old self is the seed you planted in me. You are ahead of your time in recognizing the means and the power of transformation for women.
Ruth, that was a terrific class. Thanks for your knowledge and wisdom and compassion and strength of character.
It’s working! We’re talking about money without acrimony—we listen to each other—and we’re both compromising—me too! We know how much we have, how much we spend and on what. We’re overspending, and that’s the next task: to figure out how to cut back. We’re committed—it’ll be hard. I’m really glad I took the women’s class first—I needed to learn and open up to be respected.
We want to thank you so much for the wonderful summer 2014 class. You are a master teacher and we feel blessed to have benefited from your wise and generous spirit. Through your class we have moved from confusion and overwhelm to confidence and clarity. We now feel we have a path forward and skills to achieve what previously seemed unattainable.
My husband and I took your couples and money class about five years ago. And because of putting into practice what you taught us our life is so much better. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Thanks for your life-changing information presented in such a fun and supportive way. And, thanks for being such a great role-model.
We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful class you have created for couples! It changed our marriage completely. If only all couples could take this class.
I came to your class with my Cinderella complex still fully operational. What I discovered first, and shockingly, was that I am in jeopardy—and I must and can change that. Now, I am discovering and cultivating the Prince in me, and I can feel already that the Prince and Cinderella together are exactly adequate. Thank you for helping me to learn these things.
Ruth, thank you so much! I’m finally beginning to “get it.” Here’s to positive change and fun! – with money.
Women & Money class participant summer 2014. The experience exceeded my expectations! Ruth’s approach to educating women about money is uncommon and deeply impactful. I recommend the experience for any woman who wants a different money life than the one she currently has. You will be challenged to believe differently, about what’s possible for your life, and to do something about it. Ruth is funny, engaging, and compassionate. Thank you Ruth for being a great facilitator!
I can’t tell you how meaningful your course was to us, personally and financially. It literally has made a world of difference already.
A little note of sincere and many thanks for teaching such an empowering Women and Money class. Your gracious facilitation and “tell it like it is” teaching is refreshing. Knowledge really is power.
I wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again for the wonderful and marvelous couples class. It was of immense value to my husband and me. It has provided a solid base for partnership and discussion-and you are much appreciated.
Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude for what your Women and Money class has taught me. I feel empowered, positive and optimistic.
Thanks, Ruth. We enjoyed your couples class even more than we expected to-already we have recommended it to friends.
You surround a very serious message with playful humor and sensitivity. I appreciate your wisdom and good sense.
Thank you for your class! It’s very important work you’re doing. When I handle my money habits as you taught, it helps my self esteem. I figure out ways to stretch my resources and it leaves me feeling very clever and not wasteful as in the past.
Thanks so much for a truly fantastic class. I have so enjoyed even the tough “eye-opening” information. I realize there is really no way to ever put into words how much this class has meant to me. Also, how much this information will affect my precious daughter.